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About Ecurie Bowden

Ecurie Bowden is all about putting your money into buying the things that make you happy. Your happiness is the best long term investment you can ever make, duck anyone who says otherwise!

A near fanatical interest for Historical Motorsport is what sets the Bowden family apart from most other car tragics. The family famously started a crusade to rescue Australia’s motorsport history, as once mighty touring and sports racers were seemingly disappearing, at a surprising rate. Throughout this most enjoyable and rewarding process of “search and restore”, the family has amassed a collection of over 80 significant sports, touring and racing cars, ranging from a 1932 Hot Rod of local significance to current spec’ V8 Supercars.

Through being happily immersed in the afore mentioned “Crusade” for most of his life, Chris Bowden has been consulting friends and peers about locating, researching, purchasing and restoring, classic race and road cars for many years. After enough positive acknowledgments from Australia’s car loving community, Chris spent time with some of the world’s best in the classic car industry, to get a grounding for the trade. A savvy sense of marketing, an innate knowledge of the cars his family owns and an overwhelming passion for historic cars, is the winning combination needed for realising the true value in your beloved vehicle.

When you advertise a car on the Ecurie Bowden web site, we notify the collectors and enthusiasts most likely to be interested, helping you achieve the best possible result, in a short amount of time. Most cars sold via Chris Bowden P/L never make our website and are sold via our database, a method which is widely acknowledged for its privacy and effectiveness. More than this, our Family's car collection started in 1973, so our established network of clients and friends, gives Ecurie Investments significant influence on how word gets round.

Give Chris a call and see how we can help you realise your dream.

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