Among many other accolades, Ecurie Bowden won the 2015 Group C Championship outright and the 2015 Group A 2-3L Championship. They have honed there skills over many years restoring, rebuilding and maintaining all the cars in the Bowden Collection.

So if you want your 4 Cam 356 engine rebuilt, or your Ford/Chev/Holden V8 engine putting out massive horsepower, or your Group C Falcon to actually turn into a corner and put the power down...

Ecurie Bowden can turn your automotive dream into a reality, without the pifalls and costly trial and error that most people suffer, before finding the right team for their beloved car. We know we certainly did (Ouch!!!).

Cars our team have restored back to period correct and original;

Ex Longhurst Finauer JPS BMW M3 1987
KB Channel 9 Group C Camaro.
John French XYGTHO Phase 3 Series Production Falcon.
Moffat/ Goss Ford F-350 Transporter.
Mulvihill Tokico Group C Mazda RX-7.
Latham / Reed Group C GMP&A A9X Torana.
1965 GT350 Shelby #422...

Throughout the last 35 years, the Bowden family have compiled a near perfect library of Automotive magazines from the 1950’s until now. Such a handy resource, combined with an extensive global and local contact base of the people that built, maintained, sponsored and raced the cars, means Ecurie Bowden can find out the history of your racecar quickly and efficiently. Due to the time and effort needed, this service can be expensive, but a lot cheaper than buying the wrong car. It happens!

Ecurie Bowden specialise in providing a confidential, bespoke purchasing service, for discerning customers from all over the world. We can access vintage, classic, historic and modern racers and classics globally, at the very best prices.
We can be contracted as a consultant to handle:

Technical and vehicle eligibilty assessments.
Worldwide sourcing issues.
Shipping and air freight handling. 
FIA and CAMS COD papers for Historic racers.
Tell us what you want and we will find it. Old race cars and homologation specials are our...